Arrangr Saves Real Estate Agents Time

Real estate agents using to schedule virtual and in-person showings

Real estate professionals are among the hardest working people in business, often clocking 70-hour workweeks. And the top agents and brokers will tell you much of their success is about managing time well. Because, well, time is money, especially when you’re working in a commission-based industry.

A typical week in real estate includes a wide variety of activities. Scheduling home showings is just one of them. What most people don’t see are the other activities . . . prospecting for new clients, arranging to have homes staged, working with lenders and document companies, hiring and scheduling painters and plumbers, meeting with marketing professionals, making sure the home inspector arrives at the right time and supervising internal support staff. And now, with COVID, let’s not forget the video walkthrough. It’s a lot of balls that have to be juggled simultaneously, and dropping any can result in weeks or months of hard work being ruined.

So most savvy real estate professionals utilize technology to help them keep everything running smoothly. Many use Dropbox to organize their documents. To get papers signed and approved quickly, agents often use Docusign. Customer Relationship Marketing platforms like Hubspot and Project Management software such as Asana help form a hub for keeping information organized and easily accessible.

Another huge time-saver is Arrangr is a top-rated meeting scheduler that makes setting up and managing meetings easy, both in-person and online. With Arrangr, a real estate professional can keep their calendar organized (it automatically syncs with all popular calendars) and never miss a meeting, conference call, or video chat. An agent or broker can poll multiple people to find the best time to meet. Changes to the schedule are simple to do, and all participants are automatically informed. Arrangr can even help find the most advantageous place to meet through its proprietary feature Spotfinder.

Arrangr also works well with dozens of productivity apps such as Zoom, so remote meetings are as easy to schedule as in-person meetups. Arrangr syncs easily with other popular tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Hubspot, MSTeams, Slack, Salesforce, Typeform, and Freshchat for total control over your scheduling activities. And Arrangr is Zapier friendly, just add your favorite “Zaps” to customize your time and activity management.

Some users customize their usage by integrating Arrangr into their website. Duchy Homes, an award-winning home builder in the UK, arranges pre-booked video chat appointments to view homes or meet online with their agents with Arrangr. It simplifies one of the most important steps in their sales process, especially during the restrictions imposed by the current pandemic.

Arrangr is “relatively” new as a meeting scheduler but gaining popularity fast because of its intuitive ease of use, simple integration with best-of-class productivity apps, and flexibility of use. Other older meeting schedulers are often locked into an outdated methodology and can’t easily replicate the rich experience that Arrangr offers. Perhaps that’s why Arrangr is ranked higher by Hubspot and in other current comparison evaluations.