Expanded Group Polling

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Announcement…, Arrangr.com, the knowledge leader in intelligent scheduling has just rolled out Expanded Group Polling for scheduling meetings. No longer will a meeting organizer be restricted to offering their invitees just a “Yes” or “No” option on whether they can attend a meeting. As of now, meeting participants will be able to commit to a meeting while incorporating their preferences for one time over another – thereby increasing the success of arranging each meeting tenfold.

Our research shows that when a meeting invitee is forced to commit “Yes” or “No” for a particular day or time, they will more often than not say NO when it’s not an optimal option. However, Arrangr now offers the organizer the ability to give the meeting participants four options: “Great”, “Ok”, “Maybe Not”, and “No”. It is this unique granular ability that only Arrangr offers, which will increase the speed, ease, and success of organizing a meeting – critical with a large number of participants.

Today’s video conf. tools make it easy to close deals.

Back in the day when I was an Investment Banker, face-to-face meetings were critical to closing a deal. Yes, the numbers had to work, yes the pitch had to be perfect, and yes the cost savings had to be solid to proceed with the merger but…, in the end, you really needed to have a face-to-face. For me, it was critical to read the face of the person you are doing the deal with in order to gauge if it was going to fall apart when we turned the term sheet over to the lawyers.

Thankfully, with high-speed broadband, WiFi and wireless 4/5g networks, video conferencing is fast becoming a widely accepted way of holding a business meeting. It’s not only a great alternative to traveling but for the telecommuting employee as well. Some favorites such as Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Meeting and Zoom can all can get the job done efficiently with little hassle – especially if all the participants have used the same service before.

Now…, the missing component in all this is setting up the meeting for the video conference. Some of these services are capable of “setting” up a meeting if you know the date and time, but if you don’t you in for a formidable task. You’re looking at countless emails, text or phone calls that have to go back-and-forth. Possible hours of wasted time and effort. However, at Arrangr.com we have worked hard at solving this problem, AND we integrate with any/all video conference services for your life so much easier!

What is Arrangr…

smartmockups_jmz31kstArranging a business meeting or get-together is time-consuming and frustrating. Not only is there the “what day” and the “what time,” but even settling on a location for coffee can entail countless back-and-forth emails, texts, and phone calls. More problems arise when setting up a conference call or video chat with the myriad of separate services that are available. Layer in the various calendars one uses, and you can count on more potential chaos and miscommunication. And of course, all these problems grow exponentially as you add in more participants or contributors to the decision-making process.

Arrangr’s SaaS Progressive Web Application (PWA) is the solution for setting up a meeting! Arrangr works on your desktop and mobile device, facilitating individual and group meetings. Our system is faster and simpler than any other method, works the way people naturally work and can be done in less than 30 seconds with just a few clicks.