Expanded Group Polling

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Announcement…, Arrangr.com, the knowledge leader in intelligent scheduling has just rolled out Expanded Group Polling for scheduling meetings. No longer will a meeting organizer be restricted to offering their invitees just a “Yes” or “No” option on whether they can attend a meeting. As of now, meeting participants will be able to commit to a meeting while incorporating their preferences for one time over another – thereby increasing the success of arranging each meeting tenfold.

Our research shows that when a meeting invitee is forced to commit “Yes” or “No” for a particular day or time, they will more often than not say NO when it’s not an optimal option. However, Arrangr now offers the organizer the ability to give the meeting participants four options: “Great”, “Ok”, “Maybe Not”, and “No”. It is this unique granular ability that only Arrangr offers, which will increase the speed, ease, and success of organizing a meeting – critical with a large number of participants.