Arrangr’s integrated meeting management system helps busy recruiters successfully manage their business.

Executive recruiters juggle a wide range of activities every day in their unique business. A typical day includes discussions with clients, meetings and calls to potential job candidates, and contact with business suppliers such as applicant tracking systems and sourcing providers.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the details of scheduling these meetings. Perhaps that’s why so many recruiters work long hours and face job burnout. 

Efficiency of operation and control of time is important to be professional and successful. And there’s a way busy recruiters can easily achieve this . . . with is a top-rated meeting scheduler designed to be intuitive and simple enough to use by non-techy persons. It integrates seamlessly with popular calendars, including Apple iCal, Google Calendar, and Microsoft 365. 

Arrangr also integrates with dozens of useful productivity resources such as Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Skype, MS Teams, Slack, HubSpot, Typeform, and Freshchat, among many others. Through Zapier, Arrangr can work with virtually thousands of other apps utilizing our flexible customization.

For recruiters this provides a one-stop meeting scheduling and management tool that is all-inclusive. For example, Zoom is the preferred online meeting platform during the pandemic when everyone seems to be working remotely. Now it’s easy to schedule Zoom meetings with one person or multiple people. 

Our Freshchat integration enables recruiters to install a messaging widget on their website so you can converse with visitors and book a meeting in real time. 

Scheduling meetings and communicating with teams on Slack is easy because Arrangr lets recruiters see when they have an open time slot to meet.

Recruiters can further organize their meeting schedules by setting up multiple scheduling pages . . . by client, for job candidates, vendors, or by job. It’s also simple to activate temporary placeholders in specified time slots, eliminating the chance of double booking.

Arrangr complements most popular applicant tracking systems with appointment setting support too.

Recruiters often must manage hundreds of resume submissions, dozens of phone calls to job candidates, and conduct many online/offline meetings every week. Using the simple but advanced Arrangr meeting scheduler as the “hub” to do this professionally can be the key to success in recruiting. 

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