10 Best FREE Remote Learning Tools and Resources

Have students in a school, in a hybrid program, or opting for full remote / e-learning?

Let me guess, you are looking for a bit more to help.

With schools across America opening—and then closing because of Covid 19 infections—teachers and parents are scrambling to find a way to digitize their classrooms and continue teaching efficiently.

When we checked to find out why so many teachers and home-schooling parents were using our integrated meeting scheduler, Arrangr.com, we were surprised to learn how many other excellent productivity tools are available to help organize and manage online learning. Here’s what they told us to consider.

Get going with Free Meeting Scheduling Software

1.Arrangr’s Integrated Scheduling Tool
3.Google Classroom
5.Illustrative Mathematics
6.Khan Academy
8.Google Meet
Best FREE Remote Learning Tools and Resources

1. Arrangr

Price: Free Level, Free Covid Premium Level, Pro+ Premium Level.

With everything in a state of flux now it can be like herding cat like herding cats to get everyone in the “same room” at the same time. Our meeting scheduler (which is free for educational use) makes it simple and easy for teachers, students, and parents to poll individuals and arrange for meeting times that work for everyone. Arrangr works well for traditional teaching and is a godsend for homeschoolers and world schoolers engaging remotely who belong to learning pods of several students and teachers.

Fully Integrated Meeting Arrangement Solution

2. Commonsense.org

Price: Free

A hub for EdTech apps and tools with an extensive range of resources for teachers and parents. Common Sense provides ratings and reviews of digital tools, ready-made lesson plans, webinars, and videos.

3. Google Classroom

Price: Free

Google Classroom is a widely used product with many Facebook groups to help teachers and students alike for added support. It’s A free and easy tool for educators to efficiently manage and assess progress, while enhancing connections with learners from school, from home, or on the go. Students  submit their work, and teachers can keep track of individual sections, view grades, and mark assignments. No need to keep stacks of paper around.

4. IXL

Price: Free, premium access readily available through a school password.

IXL is personalized learning that covers Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Spanish for K-12. Lessons are broken out by grade level making it very easy to instantly dive in. IXL has been used by teachers for years.

5. Illustrative Mathematics

Price: Free resources for educators

Illustrative Mathematics has a growing library of free resources, designed to help educators understand and implement the standards. You’ll find instructional and assessment tasks, blog posts, curriculum blueprints, videos, downloadable documents, and more.

6. Khan Academy

Price: Free Level

Khan Academy has been around for years. Their content is not only deep, but wide as well. They have personalized learning, trusted content, and tools to empower teachers.

7. Zoom

Price: Free Level , more features for premium level.

Zoom During the pandemic, Zoom has emerged as the clear favorite for group online meetings. Teachers can use it for free and get unlimited meeting minutes. For remote teaching, Zoom has stepped up with dozens of resources and comprehensive instructions to maximize its effectiveness. Zoom hardware partner Logitech also offers free equipment bundles (webcam and headset) for K-12 educators.

8. Google Meet

Price: Free

Google Meet is a great free alternative solution, especially if Google Classroom and Google Calendar is part of the mix. Seamlessly launches from either application and many schools have already been dedicated to use is it as part of their procedures.

9. Nearpod

Price: Free

Nearpod has K – 12 interactive lessons, videos, and formative assessments for distance learning, hybrid, and school-based settings. Nearpod allows favorite resources like PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides, and YouTube videos to be uploaded and integrated into custom lesson plans. Add media like Virtual Reality, simulations, and websites to add variety and engage students.

10. Socrative

Price: Free

Socrative is a cloud-based classroom app that enables teachers to test student’s comprehension with quizzes they access on laptops or tablets. It provides a way for teachers to engage students and evaluate their progress quickly and easily.

The pandemic has upended how we live and work. To meet these challenges successfully requires new resources and skills. If you haven’t looked online recently at the programs and tools to support remote learning, you will likely be surprised at the range and quality of what is available.