Scheduling for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Fine Fettle – Newington, Connecticut, the knowledge leader in remote scheduling, is now making dramatic inroads in the medical marijuana dispensary industry. Arrangr sets itself apart through its simplicity, integration flexibility, and unique ability to handle both inbound and outbound scheduling needs. This takes on greater relevance during our present Covid-19 health crisis. Scheduling meetings and appointments can protect the health of patients by ensuring distance, decreasing waiting times, and offering set phone and video call time slots to keep businesses running efficiently.

One such dispensary is Fine Fettle in Newington, Connecticut. Fine Fettle is a premier medical marijuana dispensary that serves a large and fast-growing patient base. Arrangr’s flexible yet straightforward customizable scheduling pages allowed Fine Fettle to get up and running within minutes with a branded scheduling page for new patients. Arrangr enables the dispensary to easily schedule new patients consultations with a designated Pharmacist within minutes. Dispensary Manager, Dennis So, says, “Arrangr’s robust scheduling solution frees up dispensary personnel to focus on other business activities and increases our customers’ satisfaction by allowing them to schedule their initial consult quickly and easily.” 

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